Monday, November 19, 2018

History Of Hopkins, MN

Hopkins City with about 70% of its population of 17,591 residents is a great cityin Minnesota, USA. The city has an estimate of 8,600 households, and about 3,975 families living in it. The city with a population density of about 4,311.5 residents for every square mile, has about 8,987 housing units in the city and an average housing unit density of 2,202.7 for every square mile.

Hopkins City is one of the cities situated in Hennepin County, Minnesota, USA. It was founded in 1852 and incorporated as Hopkins on January 1, 1948. The city was first settled in 1852 when it was founded, but the roots of the citystarted in 1887 when the Minneapolis Threshing Machine Company was built. It was later called Minneapolis-Moline and was a company involved in making farm equipment. Most of the city’s residents worked at the Threshing Machine Company. The West Minneapolis Land Company was founded by 1887, and it was formed to provide housing for the Minneapolis Moline factory workers.

41 residents of the town in 1893, sent the Board of Commissioners of its county; Hennepin County, a petition signed byrequesting they get a separate village from the unincorporated portions of the Minnetonka and Richfield Townships as it was called then. The city was incorporated in 1893 as the Village of West Minneapolis after an election, and had just 1,105 residents living in it. On January 1, 1948, it was then incorporated in the city of Hopkins.

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